Micro-Cosmos at Pillowtalk

Micro-Cosmos at Pillowtalk

March 1st, 2021

Eef Lamers was a guest speaker at PillowTalk S01E02 on the 1th of March! Eef spoke about the difficulty that patients have to sleep and the influence of this on their recovery. During PillowTalk, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs discuss the topic of sleep. Everyone shares their expertise around sleep and inspires each other.

It was a very interesting session with:

- Bart Relou, sleep team lead at Ksyos on digitization of sleep diagnostics

- Hans Rocha IJzerman, social psychologist

- Julian Martijn Jagtenberg, founder of sleep robot Somnox

- Francis Lanen-de Haan, founder of Sleep Exercise Therapy

Watch the episode here (dutch).

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