Micro-Cosmos in nursing homes

People with dementia often suffer from overstimulation because the brain is less capable of filtering stimuli. That is why this group needs a more secure and a low-stimulus environment. Freedom-restricting means are sometimes used to create such a environment. However, it is not always desirable or necessary to restrict a client's freedom in order to create security.

The Micro-Cosmos dome is used to create more rest and to increase sleep quality. The user is partially closed off by the segments that slide over each other, reducing light and noise. The Micro-Cosmos dome meets the hygiene and safety requirements within healthcare institutions and is not a freedom-restricting device, because clients can open the bed hood themselves.

In addition to the applications in hospitals, positive experiences have been gained with elderly people with dementia at nursing homes Dijleland in Leuven and residential care center Vecht & IJssel in Utrecht. Due to the safe and low-stimulus environment, clients become calmer and there was less calling and wandering behaviour. In addition, we work with a new model with light and sound to be able to administer the right stimuli when necessary. This new model has been tested at residential care network Dijleland and is being tested further more nursing homes.

“A lady, despite always being well positioned with a DINA-sleeping system and only having to leave her own room in an adapted Cumilux wheelchair, often lies restless and agitated in bed. This often manifested itself in calling behavior and fear, until we decided to apply the Micro-Cosmos with green mood lights and chirping birds. She lay quietly enjoying herself for within a few minutes, a good example of the effects on residents with dementia. The use of the dome with all available options is without doubt an great tool for calming people down in a non-pharmacological way.”

Katleen Lambrechts, physiotherapist  De Wingerd


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