Mission & Vision

Micro-Cosmos is a start-up focused on developing products to promote the rest and recovery of patients during hospital admission. Our vision is to improve patients' ability to recover by developing innovative solutions.

The first idea arose from the "Hacking Health Nijmegen", an initiative of the Radboudumc. The idea is aimed at reducing the stress and anxiety of patients during hospitalization. We want to achieve this by giving the patient the opportunity to control his or her environment in a micro-environment. This concept won the "Best Innovation" prize.

Micro-Cosmos was founded in 2020 by the two young and ambitious entrepreneurs Eef Lamers and Skip van de Kandelaar. Together they form a good mix of technical and social qualities. They are surrounded by partners with the right network and expertise from the healthcare sector and entrepreneurship, such as YES!Delft, Mercator Launch, Radboudumc, Health Valley and EIT Health. The EIT Health Validation Lab program has provided us with an enormous amount of knowledge and contacts in the medical sector. By interviewing patients, nurses, doctors and other experts, we have validated the sleep and privacy problem in many different hospital wards and rehabilitation clinics. Together with these stakeholders, we are developing a solution for this problem called the Micro-Cosmos. The Micro-Cosmos offers a reduction in stimuli, more privacy and comfort for the patient, which improves sleep quality and accelerates recovery in a natural way.

Ons team

Skip van de Kandelaar

Founder | Designer & Engineer

Eef Lamers

Founder | CEO

Mart Bekkers

Health Technologist

Sofie Kleyn

Intern HealthTech

Emma Baardse

Intern HealthTech