Mission & Vision

Patients want nothing more than to leave the hospital healthy and quickly. We are convinced that we can actively use the patient's environment as an important factor that contributes to a successful recovery. By creating an environment that reduces annoying light & noise and offers privacy & security, we give the patient more peace and a sense of security.

“Actively use the environment as a tool for recovery.” prof. Alawi Luetz, Charité Berlin.

In addition, a restless patient demands more from the care providers. We believe that providing the patient with a more restful environment will also result in a better environment for the nurses. For example, we relieve nurses' workload by reducing calls during the night.

“The patient indicates that she is calmer and has fewer headaches, so we are able to reduce the prescription of painkillers.” Sophie, nurse Isala, geriatrics.

Micro-Cosmos offers the right environment with an innovative product that has been developed together with patients and healthcare providers. The origin of the concept lies with the Dutch Hacking Health in the Radboudumc in Nijmegen. After an intensive product development process and frequent testing in the hospital environment with patients and nurses, the result is something to be proud of. The innovation has found its way into numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities and has already helped hundreds of patients sleep better.

 “The Micro-Cosmos dome was easy to install. The patient felt safe and slept well. Great idea!” Sanne, nurse Treant, neurology.


Experience it yourself? 

Ons team

Skip van de Kandelaar

Founder | Designer & Engineer

Eef Lamers

Founder | CEO

Mart Bekkers

Health Technologist

Eline Korsten

Intern Health Technology