How does our dome help?

The Micro-Cosmos dome is easily placed behind the bed of patients in hospitals or clients in nursings homes. The dome reduces the external stimuli and gives patients more privacy and a soothing environment. By reducing sound and light, patients can sleep better and recover faster. 

The Micro-Cosmos dome gives patients a feeling of security and a safe healing-environment.

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The benefits

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Safety and comfort feeling
  • Privacy
  • Reduction in calls
  • Cognitively better patients
  • Reduction in workload
  • Shorter length of stay
  • Reduction in incidence of delirium
  • Higher patient satisfaction

What users say...

Prof. Luetz

With the Micro-Cosmos dome, we can actively use the environment as a tool for recovery.

Prof. Luetz

The dome worked really well to make me sleep better.

Simon - Patient

Great idea! The patient felt safe and slept well.

Fieke - Nurse

The patient indicates that she is calmer and has fewer headaches. This means we are able to give her less pain medicine.

Sophie - Nurse

"The Micro-Cosmos was easy to install. The patient felt safe and slept well. Super idea!"

Sanne - Nurse

"If my roommate had to be inspected by the nursing staff and the nurses turned on the lamp for this, due to the Micro-Cosmos I had no annoyance from this. The product didn't feel scary or claustrophobic when I used it."

Ludwien - Patient

The 3 main causes of poor sleep:

Noise from medical devices, nurses and roommates.

The experience of pain is enhanced by a lack of sleep.

Nuisance of light from medical devices and the hallway.

The importance of sleep

The importance of sleep

The sleep quality of patients inside the hospital is very poor. More than half of the patients sleep poorly in the hospital. On average patients sleep 1.5 hours less than at home. While sleep is important for both physical and mental health and recovery. A patient that is able to rest more will recover faster and has less experience of pain.

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